Newtopia – Retro Futurism T-Shirt on Redbubble

Newtopia - T-Shirt
Newtopia - T-Shirt

Follow the yellow brick road to Newtopia.

This was inspired by a challenge on Redbubble, and some info I’d seen recently on reto futurism.

I decided to take a few different influences and mix it up.

The Art Deco buildings came from shapes in plasterwork in a building lobby, and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis probably binds it all together.

The Jetsons play their own part in the towers (or is it Thunderbirds?), and the dream of a better tomorrow leads Dorothy and her friends up the yellow brick road to Newtopia.

Can anyone spot any other influences that may have been subconcious?

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Reel Vintage Tape Deck – T-Shirt

Reel Vintage Tape Deck T-Shirt by Matt Simner
Reel Vintage Tape Deck T-Shirt by Matt Simner

A Reel to reel tape deck isn’t something that most kids would even recognise these days.

Most have grown up in an age where the ‘compact’ cassette tape was outdated.

So, to provide a retro history lesson I present the ‘Reel Vintage Tape Deck’, a vector design complete with knobs and switches you have to actually ‘move’ in order to get things to happen.  If you can work this baby without getting wrapped up like a mummy you’re doing well.

The tape counter’s permanently stuck on 1974, which is coincidentally when this ‘vintage’ model is from.

This tee design also placed second in a music challenge in the Redbubble Retro Tees group.

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