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Date postedDecember 12, 2012
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This spreadsheet is a work in progress, but can be used to retrieve your sales stats from Redbubble and then play around with them in whatever pivot tables and charts you like. This should work with Excel 2007+, and presumably only works on Windows.

The spreadsheet has a web data connection to the redbubble ‘sales by time’ page – which of course needs you to be logged in. It’s assumed you have Internet Explorer, as that’s what Excel will be using under the covers. I’ve provided a browser window in the 3rd sheet so you can do everything in one place without having to open another browser window.

Existing Data
NOTE: There is existing data in this file, as the charts needed something to go off to work. You can therefore see my glittering sales figures for one of my other RB accounts ‘geekcasuals’. Once you’re logged in and have refreshed, everything should be replaced with your own data.

General Instructions
Click the ‘Log in to Redbubble’ button to log into RB – make sure you tick ‘remember me’
Click ‘Refresh’ – it should attempt to retrieve your sales stats. If you’ve not made any sales, then this spreadsheet obviously won’t be of any use to you, and also won’t refresh any of the data.
Sit back and marvel at your sales stats.

Anyone using this – please let me know if you’re an Excel whizz, and add some cool features.