You’re probably here because you have a file hosted in SharePoint/OneDrive for Business, that you want to import into Power BI, and there’s pesky goobbledigook that’s getting in the way. This page simply replaces the offending parts so you can just get a clean URL to the file itself, and be on your way.

Just paste your ‘share’ URL, and click on the converted url to copy it to the clipboard.

If you’d like a slightly more direct way to do this in Power BI, then check out the same thing as a Power BI ‘External Tool’ in GitHub here

That is all.

Power BI Data Source URL

I’m a creative geek living in Melbourne, Australia who writes software by day, and creates T-shirts and other designs by night. This is all of course when time and motivation allows.

It’s probably accurate to say I dabble in things other than software to keep my creative side happy. I was always a keen musician (guitar, drums and keyboards) but am now happy to dream of the ‘greatness’ I never achieved. I may surprise myself yet… I might also get round to finishing my list of gig attendances one day.

I like to take pictures of things that interest me, and am becoming and increasingly keen photographer.

I occasionally write technical articles, produce the odd bit of freeware, and record technical thoughts on my Codebureau blog. Anything left may end up on this blog – but that’s rapidly turning into my world of T-Shirts!

Hiring Me

If you’re interested in hiring me for contract development work in the Melbourne, Australia area then take a look at my skills timeline to see if I might be able to fit your needs, then contact me right here.