I’ve worked mainly as an independent contractor for the past 17 or so years for a variety of different companies in the UK and more recently Australia. Starting off with mainframes and COBOL, now working primarily with Microsoft and .NET technologies in Web and Windows environments.

I don’t know everything, but I’ve seen enough along the way to be able to provide practical and efficient solutions to pretty much anything thrown at me.

I started Codebureau in 2005 to allow me to perform projects for clients external to my day engagements. The most recent of these is Inspireworks, with a redesign and implementation of their website.

Inspireworks Web Site
Inspireworks Web Site

This particular project was implemented using an excellent Open Source Content Management System called MojoPortal (based on Microsoft ASP.NET).

I’ve been working mostly as an independent contractor for almost 15 years, and have a broad and successful experience across different industries, styles and sizes of companies, and types of technologies.

Most of my current work is Microsoft .NET-based, but this site has more recently introduced me to PHP, MySQL and WordPress.

I’m open to projects of all sorts so have a look at my services, and contact me if you’d like to chat about a possible project.

I’m a creative geek living in Melbourne, Australia who writes software by day, and creates T-shirts and other designs by night. This is all of course when time and motivation allows.

It’s probably accurate to say I dabble in things other than software to keep my creative side happy. I was always a keen musician (guitar, drums and keyboards) but am now happy to dream of the ‘greatness’ I never achieved. I may surprise myself yet… I might also get round to finishing my list of gig attendances one day.

I like to take pictures of things that interest me, and am becoming and increasingly keen photographer.

I occasionally write technical articles, produce the odd bit of freeware, and record technical thoughts on my Codebureau blog. Anything left may end up on this blog – but that’s rapidly turning into my world of T-Shirts!

Hiring Me

If you’re interested in hiring me for contract development work in the Melbourne, Australia area then take a look at my skills timeline to see if I might be able to fit your needs, then contact me right here.