Photos on Pixoto

I’m starting to get a little more interested in photography, and am using Pixoto as the ‘duelling’ feature is a great way to score your images in an anonymous and (relatively) non-biased way.

If you’re interested, check out my profile on Pixoto, or sign up yourself.

I’m a creative geek living in Melbourne, Australia who writes software by day, and creates T-shirts and other designs by night. This is all of course when time and motivation allows. It’s probably accurate to say I dabble in things other than software to keep my creative side happy. I was always a keen musician (guitar, drums and keyboards) but am now happy to dream of the ‘greatness’ I never achieved. I may surprise myself yet… I might also get round to finishing my list of gig attendances one day. I like to take pictures of things that interest me, and am becoming and increasingly keen photographer. I occasionally write technical articles, produce the odd bit of freeware, and record technical thoughts on my Codebureau blog. Anything left may end up on this blog – but that's rapidly turning into my world of T-Shirts!

Hiring Me

If you're interested in hiring me for contract development work in the Melbourne, Australia area then take a look at my skills timeline to see if I might be able to fit your needs, then contact me right here.