Pink Dandelion t-shirt by Pip Gerard
Pink Dandelion t-shirt by Pip Gerard

It’s a pink dandelion.  What else do you want me to say?

OK – it’s a pink dandelion whose petals have been lovingly painted in watercolour by Pip Gerard, and digitally ‘penned’ onto the canvas that is this t-shirt.  It’s this knowledge that makes you put your finger on why you found it interesting, because it’s not only a great use of colour, shapes and an overall patterned style.  It’s got some subtle depth that keeps you staring.

This design could be just at home printed onto fabric you’d make great cushions out of, or wallpaper you’d put on a feature wall in your walk-in robe (ideas Pip?); or you could simply choose to wear it and love it that way.

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