The Switch - T-Shirt by Naf4d
The Switch - T-Shirt by Naf4d

You just don’t see thrillers with good ransom notes these days.

This one (written with an appropriately intimidating tone) is actually a great piece of ‘old school’ cut and paste from UK designer Naf4d

It’s actually interesting to see the variety of fonts on offer in publications these days – Times New Roman was your lot not so long ago.

I especially like how these days you don’t just randomly cut and paste from a black and white newspaper – it’s a little more complicated with modern technology digitally ‘retrofitting’ the technique…

I cut out the letters from magazines and stuck them to a piece of paper; then scanned it in; adjusted the contrast and levels a wee bit and then did a clipping path round the words.

I think it’s great – reminiscent of The Sex Pistols, when ransom notes, were ‘real’ ransom notes!

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