Half a Daisy Chain – T-Shirt

Half a daisy chain
Half a daisy chain

Sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different.

This was inspired by an impromtu mini-challenge on Redbubble, where the winner gets their shirt bought by the judge.

This is a happy shirt, even though it might seem to be a little bit lonely.

The guy’s version would probably have to have real chains and be shaped like an electric drill or a barbecue or something equally ‘male’.

A nice diversion from vectors in any case…

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Newtopia – Retro Futurism T-Shirt on Redbubble

Newtopia - T-Shirt
Newtopia - T-Shirt

Follow the yellow brick road to Newtopia.

This was inspired by a challenge on Redbubble, and some info I’d seen recently on reto futurism.

I decided to take a few different influences and mix it up.

The Art Deco buildings came from shapes in plasterwork in a building lobby, and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis probably binds it all together.

The Jetsons play their own part in the towers (or is it Thunderbirds?), and the dream of a better tomorrow leads Dorothy and her friends up the yellow brick road to Newtopia.

Can anyone spot any other influences that may have been subconcious?

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Qwitter (or) Twitter T-Shirt by Warren Hart on Redbubble

Qwitter - T-Shirt by Warren Hart

Everyone’s obsessed by Twitter at the moment, and whether you’re into it or not, this is design by Warren Hart is a rather fun statement to make.

There’s nothing like a cross for an eye to convey ‘dead’, and this little birdy’s gone up to the social network in the sky.

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Helvetica Envy and Times New Roman – Font T-Shirts on Redbubble

Times New Roman - Font T-Shirt Helvetica Envy - Font T-Shirt
Times New Roman and Helvetica Envy - Font T-Shirts

Helvetica punches above its weight for a simple rounded sans-serif font.

Arial (originally Sonoran Sans Serif) was made popular by Microsoft through packaging with Windows, and is often seen as a ubiquitous equivalent to Helvetica.

‘Equivalent’ is rather a subjective word in this case and for some it’s easy to spot the differences between the fonts.  Arial could be said to have ‘Helvetica envy’.

Meanwhile poor old ‘Times New Roman’ is now languishing into relative obscurity based more on the fact it’s an older style serif font.  The ‘new’ is therefore something that people now gloss over (new in 1931).

These two designs are just a small celebration of how the world loves Helvetica.

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Clone stamped and walking the cash tightrope (Photoshop meets modern life) – T-Shirt

Clone stamped and walking the cash tightrope - T-Shirt
Clone stamped and walking the cash tightrope - T-Shirt

Ever feel like you’re one of the crowd?

This shirt came from an idea of using the Photoshop Clone Stamp tool to make a pattern on a shirt.

It soon turned into a bit more of a social statement where the ‘dollar-chasing’ clones are walking an uphill tightrope on their quest for fulfillment, while down below are people enjoying a more simple existence.

The clone stamp may reappear in a slightly more ‘fun’ design in the future.

Sounds Like Traffic – T-Shirt by Diesel Laws

Sounds Like Traffic - T-Shirt by Diesel Laws
Sounds Like Traffic - T-Shirt by Diesel Laws

Diesel Laws is going places

The quality, inventiveness, and uniqueness of the designs really sets the brand apart from the crowd.

Now concentrating on audio-inspired shirts, Diesel’s found another great concept here and made it their own, with the trademark logo on the green light.

The colours, shapes and subject just make this shirt rock!

Check out their great range of shirts at diesellaws.com