New Bond – Shaken, Not Stirred T-shirt

Shaken, Not Stirred t-shirt

It’s been a while since I’ve done any new designs, but with the new Skyfall Bond film imminent, I thought I’d dust off an idea I’d had quite some time ago, and was surprised I hadn’t seen done anywhere else.

I’m a bit of a fan of infographics, and this one could jokingly be used to inform your bar staff of your cocktail preferences.  Maybe there’s a series in here somewhere?

Simple Layer masks tutorial with Adobe Illustrator

I felt it was time to start looking at a few simple tutorials using Illustrator, so here’s the first one (apologies for the screen capture quality – I’ll fix that with the next one).

This layer masks tutorial attempts to show how much easier it is to control visibility in Illustrator than in Photoshop. They key difference is that you’re able to more easily use objects, and the layer hierarchy to set multiple masks, to achieve your end result.

A simple, but handy technique to have under your belt.

Zombie Laboratories t-shirt by robotrobotROBOT



Zombie Laboratories t-shirt by RobotRobotRobot


Gotta love Zombies!

Any design that simply tells you to ‘remember your zombie training’, is definitely worth a look.  I like more or less everything about this:

The almost ‘cute’ figures on the shirt, the geometric shapes (that wins me over straight away).  the excellent use of negative space to make the shadows (and blending in to the defined edges on the floor).

The background colour is also a great choice to showcase the design, as it again softens the whole thing – making the caption even funnier, as you just think you’re looking at some regular infographic.

Love it!

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Self-preservation Society – Italian Job T-shirt

Self-preservation Society t-shirt

Get your skates on mate! As far as most devotees are concerned, there’s only one version of the Italian Job.  There’s many subtle (and not so subtle) signs of the times in 1968 europe, as Michael Caine leads the somewhat rag-tag bunch of boys on the ‘big’ job in Turin.  This shirt just highlights the mantra of the film, and the stars of the show – the three Mini Cooper’s used by the lads as they try to evade the police and the mafia in one the most original and entertaining car chases in film history.

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Olive of Alderaan – StarWars T-Shirt by MonkeySocks


Olive of Alderaan - T-shirt by MonkeySocks
Olive of Alderaan - T-shirt by MonkeySocks

Just when you thought StarWars was done to death, something genuinely surprising pops up. This great illustration by MonkeySocks, meticulously true to the Popeye style, shows that there’s still plenty of scope for mashing up characters in the StarWars setting.

Thought even went into the character names, ‘Vitamin B2-A2 the little ‘iron’ robot‘.

Great for kids – small or large!

Ninjutsu! Art 21: walk on water! – t-shirt by Japu

Ninjutsu! Art 21: walk on water! - T-Shirt by Japu
Ninjutsu! Art 21: walk on water! - T-Shirt by Japu

When the colour of a shirt meets the concept of the design, and it works this well you have to just sit back and look at it.  This fantastic idea, concept and style by Japu leads you in with the boots, treading oh so lightly on the water’s surface.  You then realise that this is someone on a mission, and they’re looking at ‘you’.

It’s cool and cute at the same time (like so many of Japu’s designs).  Love it!

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Pink Dandelion t-shirt by Pip Gerard

Pink Dandelion t-shirt by Pip Gerard
Pink Dandelion t-shirt by Pip Gerard

It’s a pink dandelion.  What else do you want me to say?

OK – it’s a pink dandelion whose petals have been lovingly painted in watercolour by Pip Gerard, and digitally ‘penned’ onto the canvas that is this t-shirt.  It’s this knowledge that makes you put your finger on why you found it interesting, because it’s not only a great use of colour, shapes and an overall patterned style.  It’s got some subtle depth that keeps you staring.

This design could be just at home printed onto fabric you’d make great cushions out of, or wallpaper you’d put on a feature wall in your walk-in robe (ideas Pip?); or you could simply choose to wear it and love it that way.

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