Olive of Alderaan – StarWars T-Shirt by MonkeySocks


Olive of Alderaan - T-shirt by MonkeySocks
Olive of Alderaan - T-shirt by MonkeySocks

Just when you thought StarWars was done to death, something genuinely surprising pops up. This great illustration by MonkeySocks, meticulously true to the Popeye style, shows that there’s still plenty of scope for mashing up characters in the StarWars setting.

Thought even went into the character names, ‘Vitamin B2-A2 the little ‘iron’ robot‘.

Great for kids – small or large!

Turn to the Darth Side : An original Star Wars T-shirt

Darth Star - Star Wars T-Shirt by Naf4d
Darth Star - Star Wars T-Shirt by Naf4d

Star Wars t-shirts are everywhere! – Hey I’ve even had a go myself (and I may not be done yet).

There’s just something unique about it that moved a couple of generations of people.  There’s lots of innovative designs out there, but I’m really loving this one by Naf4d, as the attention to detail and the process involved illustrates it was something of a labour of love.

“I drew the Death Star then started the long process of resizing and placing each ‘star’ – It took ages to do and the computer I used to do it (8-core Mac Pro with 14 gig of Ram) was pushed to the max and even that beast struggled towards the end!”

I’m certainly not going to count how many stars are on this design!  Another thing I like is that the head looks completely different from far away and close up:

William Shakespeare - the inspiration for Darth Vader?
William Shakespeare - the inspiration for Darth Vader?

From a distance you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a portrait of William Shakespeare (what? just me?).

At closer quarters, the design almost looks like a huge collection of empire bling, with hundreds of death star-shaped jewels adorning the dark lord’s helmet.

Maybe the bejewelled helmet comes out on special occasions…

Have a closer look on Redbubble.

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Powerpig – Star Wars, Lego and cool shirts

I was blown away this morning when I was doing my normal look around at new T-shirts on Redbubble.  Often if you find a cool design or image you look further and maybe like some more of what the artist has produced.  In this case I don’t think there’s a single image in this portfolio I don’t love.

Its not my fault
It’s not my fault
Good morning sunshine
Good morning sunshine

The mixture of Lego, miniatures, furry creatures, a love for Star Wars and creative design just slapped me in the face, so do yourself a favour and check out Powerpig’s work on Redbubble.

I bet you smile.

202 Star Wars T-Shirts on HideYourArms

R2 Manual by Reece Ward
R2 Manual by Reece Ward

Unsurprisingly there’s a lot of Redbubble artists featured in this great list of Star Wars T-Shirts on HideYourArms – even though they clearly  missed one 🙂

It’s great to see such a big representation from the Redbubble community in the list, and a lot of artists are featured a number of times.

So, here’s a big shout to the mighty Redbubble designers below that featured in the list (forgive me if I missed any):

RubyRed | James Lillis | Reece Ward : biased as I happen to own an R2 manual shirt 🙂 | ZAAAAP | wmartins | Geek Chic | popmash | Warren Hart | Cathie Tranent | Lordy99 | Monstar | superiorgraphix | BornOfTheSun | Benj | quigonjim | Mark Wilson | Apasun | Mundy Hacket | Jemma Kamelski | Kerry Ward | Mungo

If they’re tagged right then you’ll find all of Redbubble’s Star Wars t-shirts here

Add any more you reckon were missed in the comments…

Empire Strike – The Sequel : A New Hope in Star Wars T-Shirts

Empire Strike - The Sequel T-Shirt by Matt Simner
Empire Strike - The Sequel T-Shirt by Matt Simner

Cue opening music…

It is a dark time for the rebel bowlers. Although their consistent scoring has weakoned the Empire’s resolve, Imperial players have achieved spares to stay in contention.

Evading the dreaded Empire Strike, a group of bowlers led by Duke Lanewalker has established a new high score on the remote neon-lit lane 16.

The evil Lord Swerver, obsessed with beating young Lanewalker, has dispatched the death star bowling ball, scattering skittles into the far reaches of space…

Buy Empire Strike The Sequel T-Shirt by Matt Simner on RedBubble

Death Star on Black : T-Shirt by GaffaUK

Death Star on Black T-Shirt by GaffaUK
Death Star on Black T-Shirt by GaffaUK

There’s millions of Star Wars T-Shirts on the web, and even more with some inspiration from the style or characters from the films.

I really like this one from GaffaUK because it’s not trying to be a massively detailed technical masterpiece, it’s trying to pack in a whole film into a single colour ‘infographic’ style design.

Just keep looking and you’ll find more and more scenes you remember.  Can you recognise them all?

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