New Bond – Shaken, Not Stirred T-shirt

Shaken, Not Stirred t-shirt

It’s been a while since I’ve done any new designs, but with the new Skyfall Bond film imminent, I thought I’d dust off an idea I’d had quite some time ago, and was surprised I hadn’t seen done anywhere else.

I’m a bit of a fan of infographics, and this one could jokingly be used to inform your bar staff of your cocktail preferences.  Maybe there’s a series in here somewhere?

1976 Lotus Esprit – Slight Water Damage : James Bond T-Shirt

1976 Lotus Esprit - Slight Water Damage : T-Shirt
1976 Lotus Esprit - Slight Water Damage : T-Shirt

James Bond’s driven lots of cool cars, but the Aston’s and the BMW’s don’t come close to what this 1976 Lotus Esprit could do.

It’ s now available for sale very cheaply as petrol prices are rising and cars fitted with weaponry aren’t in fashion right now.

It comes with lots of extras as you’d expect, but due to slight water damage offers will be considered.

Get in quick to secure your piece of history..

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